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While it may be illegal to consume certain toxins such as Marijuana or Cocaine, there is nothing illegal about trying to rid yourself of them. Stinger Detox products are not "MASKS" or adulterants. Stinger detox products ARE NOT designed to interfere with drug tests or to give false results. They contain carefully chosen ingredients that help accelerate the body's natural cleansing processes.

You will stay clean for up to 5 hours after you finish taking Stinger Total Detox. But your PEAK clean time will be 60-90 minutes after taking Stinger. Afterward, toxins may seep back into your system from your fat cells.

Herbal cleansers have questionable potency and do not always work. Stinger ingredients are made the same way that drugs and vitamins are made. Their potencies are carefully controlled and monitored. With herbs you simply don’t know what you are getting.

Yes, but you will need two bottles of Stinger 1 Liquid or one bottle of Stinger Buzz 5X along with Stinger SuperMAXX Accelerator Caplets for optimal results.

Stinger Total Detox works at the CELLULAR level. It is here that major toxic waste removal occurs. Stinger Total Detox ingredients work at this level because they are more bioavailable than herbal preparations.

If you have any questions about Stinger being right for you, ask your doctor. We cannot give medical advice.

The ingredients in all Stinger products are legal and safe when taken as directed. Tests are looking for banned or illegal substances. Stinger products are not "masking agents" nor do they interfere with any tests. When you pass a test, it is because you are clean without any detectable levesl of illicit substances. It is not because you "fooled" or tampered with the test.

You can take Stinger products as often as you need to.

We suggest doubling up on our standard 1 Hr. Detox or using the Buzz 5X or 5x Instant along with Stinger SuperMAXX Accelerator Caplets.

Alcohol is not recommended.

No statement herein or anywhere on the product package is intended to replace the advice of a health care professional. Nor is any statement intended to prescribe or diagnose for any ailment or illness. Stinger products are to be used as food supplements only.