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Stinger Buzz 5X Extra Strength LIQUID

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Product Description

The Buzz is our strongest cleanser. The Buzz has the same ingredients as our regular Total Detox but the concentrated formula is FIVE TIMES stronger. For the deepest system cleanse, use The Buzz 5X! Be sure to add SuperMAXX Accelerator Caplets to your order.

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  1. Works really good

    Posted by Esteban Avitia on 21st Oct 2014

    Clean and passed

  2. works wonders

    Posted by Unknown on 26th May 2014

    I was clean for three days, took it, followed the directions exactly (don't overdo the water or you will drown it out) and even though I was nervous I passed with flying colors.

  3. Thank You God Bless You

    Posted by Mary Jane Is My Lesbian Lover on 8th Jun 2013

    I took the Stinger 5x after 16 days clean. I was pretty scared I had meat 3 nights prior so that my PH balance and my creatine levels where up. I also had some carrots and OJ early that morning at 7am,so my pee doesn't look too diluted, after that I kept drinking cranberry juice with oranges squeezed in it. After 11 am I drank half gallon of water but, that's only because I'm a small 95 pound girl but I guess If you're bigger you can drink more water. I was clean 15 days and I am a heavy everyday smoker this is the reason I bought the heavy duty Stinger 5x. I tested myself before I went and passed the dip test faint line of course but it still counts. Next day my new boss called me to start work the following week! Thanks Stinger!

  4. u rock

    Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2013

    I had a drug test and I use medical marihuana daily I stopped smoking 6 days before test took ur product and honestly thought I was going to still fail . I was so nervous. But all went well .I got the job thank u sooooo much stinger

  5. Absolutely Incredible! The BUZZ 5X is worth every penny!

    Posted by ReD EyE BlAzE on 2nd Apr 2013

    As with everyone else here, read up on Stinger products. Had to test at a HOSPITAL for a drug screening. I'm right around the 230 mark, so I doubled up on the BUZZ 5X. I'm a HEAVY user, and honestly, was scared SH!TLESS that I wouldn't pass. I had somewhat of an advanced notice, and was able to give myself 8 days instead of the 48 hr window.

    -TEST was at 10:00 AM
    -Woke up @ 8:30 and SLOWLY drank both bottles.
    -FOLLOWED by approx. 50 oz of water.
    -URINATED 3 times before TEST.

    I watched the lab tech run the sample, and CLEAN AS A WHISTLE!

    AN absolute MUST HAVE for those of us who enjoy the natural things in life! 10/5 stars!

  6. The BUZZ 5x worked within 30 hours without toxins!!! PROVEN!

    Posted by purp_blaza on 16th Feb 2013

    Couple of weeks ago I was reading this reviews trying to identify if Stinger The Buzz 5x was going to work again for me, I tried the product on my last drug test and passed with no problems at all, this time I got announced that the next day I was going to get drug tested, for 8 years I've been smoking high end medicinal grade herb every day and knew the chances where slim. Last time I did it following precise instructions and didn't consumed any "toxins" for 48 hours , this time had smoked 30 hours before the test and I PASSED WITH STINGER THE BUZZ 5x !!!

    Beat LabCorp TEST 2/1/13!

    IF YOU ARE GETTING DRUG TESTED BUY STINGER THE BUZZ 5x , drink a gallon of water and some cranberrie juice. Avoid fatties.


  7. this stuff works

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Feb 2013

    used it...and it works!

  8. fucking amazing

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jan 2013

    it worked great im on probation and everytime ive used this product ive passed my ua everytime

  9. Passed Military Test

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2013

    Smoked 6 days before random military drug test and passed with no questions asked! Dishonorable discharge is worse than a felony, I understand that I live by a different standard than civilians, but I made a mistake and thanks to stinger I didn't have to learn the hard way. 5 star product, pricey but well worth it!

  10. inconclusive

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Dec 2012

    I did not fail the test, however my creatine level was very low and I will need to re-take. I am very skinny and I think this might have contributed to that. So I wonder if it was because this is the super strong one. So I wonder which one should I drink now??please somebody help me.

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